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Geographical Location and Demograph

The Ahafo Ano North Municipal is one of the 260 Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) in Ghana, and forms part of the 43 of MMDAs in the Asanti Region. The Ahafo Ano North Municipal was created by an Act of Parliament in 1988 by a Legislative Instrument (LI 1402) and is located in north western part of Ashanti Region and lies between latitude 60 47’N and 70 02’N and longitude 2026’W and 20 04’W with a total landmass of 593.7km2. The Municipal capital is Tepa and distance from the district to Kumasi is 70km. The notable towns in the district are Manfo, Akwasiase, Mabang, Anyinasuso, Asuhyiae and Betiako. The Municipality shares boundaries with five Districts which are Tano North Municipal and Tano South Municipal to the north, to the south by Atwima Mponua District, and to the west by Asutifi South District, and on the east by Ahafo Ano South East District. The population of the Municipality according to the 2010 Population and Housing Census stands at 94,285 with 47,956 males and 46,329 females.

The unique and strategic location of the municipality, along the Kumasi – Sunyani highway offers it easy access to major markets and facilities in these two regional capitals

The municipality lies within the wet semi equatorial zone marked by double maxima rainfall in June and October with a mean annual rainfall of 1750mm. Temperatures are fairly high within 25°C - 26°C in most parts of the municipality while it is between 26°C - 27°C southern part of the municipality. The fair temperature and rainfall favour the cultivation of cash crops such as cocoa, oil palm, citrus and food crops such as plantain, cocoyam, cassava and other vegetables. The municipality enjoys bi-modal rainfall that enables farmers to undertake farming activities twice a year.

Water Security

The municipality is drained by six major rivers and streams namely Tano, Abu, Kwasu, Anyinasu, Abonsua and Supon. The major river in the entire Municipality is the Tano, which with many of the rivers; exhibit a dendritic pattern of flow. The river Anyinasu, a major tributary of Tano, flows from the east to the west. It must be emphasised that the river Tano contains enough water, which can be dammed for irrigation farming and to generate hydroelectric power.


The Municipal Assembly currently has 58 members composed of one Municipal Chief Executive, one Member of Parliament, 39 Elected Assembly Members and 17 government appointees. This is made up of 51 males representing 87.9 percent and 7 females accounting for 12.1 percent. The Government decision to make 30% women appointee is almost fulfilled as the five women appointees make up of 29.3% of the appointees. For ease of administration the Municipality is further divided into one (1) Town Council and six (6) Area Councils. These are Anyinasuso, Suponso, Subriso, Biakoye, Kwasu-Abu, Abu – Bone and Tepa.