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Posted Dec 11, 2021

The Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region has constructed a new residential apartment for the Circuit Court Judge in Tepa. The construction and completion of this facility has brought some sorts of reliefs to both the Judicial Service here and the Municipal Assembly. The three bedrooms residential edifice has ended the old regime of renting for the circuit court judge and the nightmares that sometimes comes with it. This new facility which is well furnished and completed is due to be handed over to the Judicial Service within next week. In an interview with the Municipal Chief Executive for Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly honourable Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi believes that, this facility is timely and hopes, in the long run would save the Assembly some monies. In another development, the Municipal Assembly last year has construction six speed ramps within the Tepa area. These speed ramps that stretches from Tepa to Anyinasuso have helped in a way to control speeding vehicles. This timely intervention according to some residence has saved lives; “because of the good nature of the road here, a lot of drivers were over speeding and knocking down residence. These accidents sometimes result in some losing their lives and others being deformed for life; so, this particular intervention, is lifesaving.” Said one of the residences. These speed ramps have reduced to the barest minimum the number of accident cases recorded within the Tepa area. According to the MCE, with the exception of the judge’s residence, the speed ramps projects was financed by the District Development Fund (DDF). The Judge’s bungalow was sponsored by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. .

November 2021 Archives / News

Posted Nov. 22, 2021

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region, Honorable Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi has reiterated her commitment in ensuring that the people of Ahafo Ano North Municipality access quality and timely health care and sanitation. Following from that, the honourable Appiah Nyantakyi led Assembly, is constructing an ultra-modern Ambulance Service post for the municipality. The Ambulance Service post which is about 80% complete is expected to be fully operational within the year. This project upon completion would serve as a permeant service post for the Ambulance Service. This post upon completion will have two well-furnished offices, two rest rooms with bunk beds, the ambulance bay, a store room, reception and a multi-purpose general office. The Ambulance Service post situated rightly opposite the new municipal hospital would be a one-time spot for the ambulance service in the municipality; which can easily be located by residence

Posted Nov. 12, 2021

On sanitation, the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Chief Executive last year also led the Assembly to construct a new toilet facility for the Tepa Zongo community and its environs. The 20-seater ultra-modern water closet facility comes to replace the old unhygienic Kumasi Ventilated Improved Pit (KVIP) facility that was serving that community. According to some residence of the area, the facility is a timely intervention by the assembly to serve the community. Fully operational now, the facility has a mechanized borehole system with 3000 gallons capacity polytank container to supply water, an office space for the attendant, and electricity supply. Situated at a central location behind the Tepa SDA Basic School, residence can easily have access to the facility. Speaking to the ISD in Tepa, the Honourable Appiah-Nyantakyi, did indicate, these projects were financed by the District Development Fund (DDF). She continues that, the Assembly will in this year continue to make judicious use of funds available by rolling out projects that would allure to the benefit of the people.

October 2021 Archives / News

Posted Oct. 30, 2021
Hon. Martina Appiah Nyantakyi has secured overwhelmed confirmation after her first scare by securing 76% of the total 56 votes

The Ahafo Ano North municipality nominee for the position of the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Hon. Martina Appiah Nyantakyi has finally secured the needed number of votes to be approved by assembly members. The president appointed MCE for Ahafo Ano North failed to secure the requisite two - thirds votes of the total votes cast on Thursday 7-10-2021. 33 voted in her favour out of the total vote 56 both elected and government appointee assembly members. Amazingly, hon. Martina Appiah Nyantakyi has secured overwhelmed confirmation after her first scare by securing 76% of the total 56 votes. The confirmed MCE in her remarks thanked the assembly members for their total support in retaining her to continue the many projects and programs started during her first term in the assembly. She promised to remain relentless in ensuring the municipality gets its fair share of the national cake. She pledged to work hard to justify the choice of the good people of the Ahafo Ano North Municipality and also called for support from the constituents. Hon. Martina Appiah Nyantakyi served as the MCE for the Ahafo Ano North municipality during the first term of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government in the 2017 to 2020. The election was supervised by the electoral commission and attended by the CEO of produce buying company (PBC), Hon. Richard Akuoko Adiyia, member of parliament (MP), Hon. Suleman Adamu Sanid, the director general - National Disaster Management Organisation ( NADMO ), Hon. Eric Nana Agyemang Prempeh and the omanhene of Tepa traditional council Nana Adusei Atwerewaa Ampem 1 .

September 2021 Archives / News

Posted Sept. 12, 2021

Citizens of Nkyensee Danho and Boagyaa no.1 in the Ahafo Ano North Municipality are calling on the government and the Municipal Chief Executive to come to their aid. Governance they say does not depends on only the government of the day, but as citizens we also have a role to play. That is why Ghana Strengthening and Accountability Mechanism ( GSAM ) in collaboration with SODIA and been supported by USAID has carry the mantle on their shoulders to educate the citizens of Ghana for individuals to know their roles they can play interms of development in their various communities. Since the Metropolitans, Municipal and District Assemblies spend over 70% of their common fund on schools, clinics, market, water and sanitation, Roads and etc, it is incumbent upon the citizens who benefits from these projects in their communities to have a keen eye on them inorder to monitor and protects them since it is their own money they used for such projects. GSAM in collaboration with SODIA which is been supported by USAID over the years have been educating the and training the citizens on their role they can play when it comes to development in the communities. As part of it's regular activities, GSAM had it's citizens monitoring on capital projects at Ahafo Ano North Municipality. The following areas were visited. Pobiso, Boagyaa no.1, and Nkyensee Danho Per teachings, educating and guidance of GSAM, the citizens of nkyensee Danho have been able to raise funds of 4,500.00 and also acquire 45 bags of cement to start construction of teachers quarters since the teachers have no place to sleep in the community, due to that, parents find it difficult to control their kids in the night since there is no teacher staying in the community. According to a parent by name Mercy Offei, the people of nkyensee Danho are calling on the government expecially the Municipal Chief Executive ( MCE ) Hon. Martina Appiah Nyantakyi to come to their aid in building teachers quarters for the people of nkyensee Danho. The people of Boagyaa no.1 disclose that they were faced with the problem of drinkable water, but due to the effort of the community, they now have a drinkable water, also the nurses in the community have no kitchen due to the effort of the community, they now have kitchen. We are pleading on the government and hon. MCE to come to our aid, they said. The Assembly member of the electoral area, hon. Isaac Okyere who won the 2021 overall municipal best farmer was happy with GSAM because due to their teachings, the people of his area have been able to involve themselves in developmental projects. He added that, now the people of Boagyaa no.1 have help to build a kitchen for the nurses, they have built a community center which helps them to have their durbar, the community have bought tables and chairs for the nurses at the CHIP Compound, the community have acquired a land for the expansion of the CHIP Compound so they are calling on the government to come to their aid.

August 2021 Archives / News

Posted August 2, 2021
New College of Education Opens in the Ashanti Region

The paramount chief of the Tepa traditional area personally funded and built a College of Education in the Tepa Ahafo Ano Municipality, the teacher training college has been completed and handed over to the Ghana Education Service, this came after the Nurses and Midwifery Training School funded by Nana Adusei Antwenewa Anpem II, the paramount chief of Tepa. The Nurses Training in the Tepa Municipality is one of the best Nursing Training schools in the Ashanti Region. If other chiefs will also contribute their quota in education, the pressure on the government will be reduced and funds can be channelled to other developmental projects in the country. Other Chiefs sell land and use it to amass wealth for themselves and their families, Nama Adusei Antwenewa Anpem is a true patriotic leader who thinks about his people. Since he was enskinned as the paramount chief of Tepa, Tepa has seen a lot of developmental projects, hospitals, schools, inner roads in Tepa and has transformed Tepa into a metropolitan status. Tepa was a district that achieved a metropolitan status with population size and a landmark. The chief has transformed Tepa into a status of a regional capital.
Tepa Senior High School is one of the best secondary schools in the Ashanti region in terms of infrastructure and academic performance, Tepa Senior High School has top WASCE consecutive times in the Ashanti Region and National WASSCE rankings. The Teacher Training College was opened in a grand durbar of the chiefs and people of Tepa Municipality, the Minister of education, Dr Yaw Osei Adutwum was present at the inauguration ceremony, he expressed his profound gratitude to the chief and people of Tepa for the beautiful edifice on a one-mile square land given to the country as a Teacher Training College.
The paramount Chief of Tepa has earmarked another one-mile square of land for the construction of a University in Tepa, the paramount chief is concerned with the education of his people and promised to provide them with quality education. Universities play an important role as leaders in teaching and learning, in education, research and technology. Another role that universities may play is in the building of new institutions of civil society, in developing new cultural values, and in training and socializing people of a new social era. University education exposes students to new research and technology. Studying at university encourages creative and independent thought. Students are given the chance to travel and experience life overseas through study abroad programs. University life exposes students to other cultures and backgrounds

July 2021 Archives / News

Posted July 25, 2020

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Ahafo Ano North Municipality Honourable Martina Appiah - Nyantakyi has advise the good people of Tepa and it's environs to cultivate maintenance culture. She said, Ghanaians have this attitude that, if it is not his or her personal projects, they care less about it thinking that after all it is for the government. The MCE therefore appeal to the citizens especially stakeholders such as chiefs, assembly members , our religious bodies and those in authorities to have a keen eye on any projects done by the government . Hon. Martina Appiah - Nyantakyi said this when she paid a working visit to inspect and also hand over some developmental projects to some communities in the municipality.
The following communities had various projects including;
* 3 unit classroom block and office at Benomsu,
* An ultra modern CHIP compound facility at Abonsuaso,
* 6 unit classroom block and office at Kojo Betiako JHS
* KG block, sleeping room and wash room at Suponso
* Pavement project and a slaughter house at Tepa market,
* An ultra modern toilet facility at Tepa ward 1 ( Barniekrom ),
* The construction of circuit court judge residence at Tepa which is almost completed,
* 3 unit classroom block at the Tepa SHS for the junior great Tess,
* Renovation of bungalow for assembly staff.
The MCE addressing a section of journalist commended the president of the republic, his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo for his had work and the love he has for the municipality. She also commended her able paramount chief, the omanhene of Tepa traditional council, Nana Adusei Atwerewa Ampem 1 for his massive support and advise. I cannot mention names and left out my able member of parliament, hon. Suleman Adamu Sanid for his support for such projects she said.
The municipal director for education, Dr. William Amakye also commended the MCE for such a hard work and encourage her to continue such attitude towards her people. He also advise teachers of the above mentioned schools to maintain and protect government properties. He finally appeal to the chiefs and elders to report to his office if they notice anything bad in the various schools. Nana Ofori Dominic, gyasehene of Benomsu gaily accepted the keys handed over to him by the education director. He thanked the MCE for at least given them a fair share of the national cake.he also appeal to her that, she should include the Benomsu M/A school among the school feeding programme, since this will encourage the students to take their studies serious. Nana Ofori added that, the community is faced with the challenge of drinkable water so the assembly should come to their aid.

June 2021 Archives / News

Posted June 11, 2021

The Municipal Chief Executive of Ahafo Ano North Municipality, Hon Martina Appiah Nyantakyi, has advise the field officers who are currently receiving training and will soon go to the field to enumerate the Ghanaian populace that they should take this exercise very serious as if it is their own business since they may end it up to their own advantage. Who knows ? Some of you may be fortunate to work with the United Nations ( UN ) and after preparing your Curriculum Vitae adding that you were a part taker in the 2021 PHC exercise which is to be taken of 13th of June to 11th July 2021, that one alone qualifies you to work with the UN since they play major role in this exercise . The MCE said this when she paid a working visit to the ten days non residential training of enumerators and supervisors at Tepa Senior High School. She extended a greetings from the president, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo to them and encourage them to work hard to achieve a complete coverage.
In an interview with PAG Television reporter, Collins Owusu, Hon Martina Appiah Nyatakyi said, I know you are competent people to make this exercise more than expected. She urge the enumerators and supervisors that every one should see this exercise as a national exercise and it's for all Ghanaian hence no body should politicise it.
She also disclose the necessary measures which have been put in place by the assembly to make this exercise a success. I know that if this exercise is done diligently, it will elevate our Municipal to Meteropolitant level, and this will attract a lot of social interventions and may also bring a lot of developmental projects hence our common found will go higher she said. She therefore urge them not to consider the allowance given to them but put the country first.

May 2021 Archives / News

Posted May 2, 2021
Martina leads Ahafo Ahafo Ano North Municipal in Covid-19 fight

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region Martina Appiah Nyantekyie has as part of measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 lead a team to educate market women about some preventive measures. The team, made up of health professionals and members of the Assembly visited the Tepa market last Thursday. The team among other things cautioned both market women and traders to practise basic hygiene and ensure healthy lifestyle.
Among the basic hygiene practices, the team-taught was hand washing. Here, the MCE through a demonstration showed the onlookers how to effectively wash the hand. Through the demonstration, the MCE mentioned that hand washing must take at least 20 seconds and must be done thoroughly under running water. The MCE used the occasion to donate some veronica buckets to the market and urge both traders and patrons to put it into good use.
Interacting with the traders, the Municipal Health Director Mr. Joseph Adomako admonished them to take their health into their own hands by observing all the precautions prescribed by the Ghana Health service. Throwing light on social distancing, the Health Director stated, it has become very necessary and proven to be one of the major means of fighting the pandemic and advised that the public should desist from not so important travels and avoid handshaking.
On hand sanitizers, the Director stated that its application is also good and appealed to the traders to reduce the cost to make it affordable for all. Mr Adomako also used the occasion to advice the public to adopt both coughing and sneezing on the elbow as part of our culture. In all the team was able to interact with at least 1000 people as the day was a market day. On every Thursday, the market attracts 1000s of patrons from across the country and even beyond. Traders come as far as from neighbouring Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.

April 2021 Archives / News

Posted April 12, 2021
Climate change adaptation and cocoa farm rehabilitation behaviour in Ahafo Ano North District of Ashanti region, Ghana

Sustainable cocoa production is the hub of economic development and growth in Ghana. Climate change has been implicated in the dwindling productivity of the Ghanaian cocoa sub-sector, although deforestation for cocoa farmland expansion poses significant long-term risks to ecosystem stability and environmental conservation. This study assessed farmers’ perception of climate change, their adaptation methods and the factors explaining involvement in the renovation/rehabilitation of old cocoa farms. The data were collected from 378 cocoa farmers in Ahafo Ano North District in the Ashanti region. The data were analysed with Principal Component Analysis (PCA), Ordinary Least Square regression, Negative Binomial regression and Two-stage Probit regression. The results showed that the majority of the farmers were older than 50 years and attained primary education. High temperature (64.29%), too stormy rainfall (64.29%) and too much rainfall (61.90%) were largely perceived by cocoa farmers in 2015. The farmers were adapting to climate change through diversification into other crops (70.63%), planting of hybrid varieties (71.69%), commitment to spray cocoa pods regularly (74.87%) and initiation of some changes in the planting and harvesting times (71.96%). The adaptation was significantly influenced (p < 0.05) by cocoa farming experience, number of children under the age of 5 years, perception of extremely high temperature, perception too low rainfall, perception of delay in commencement of rainfall, cultivation of cocoa as the primary crop, perception of delay in rainfall stop and delay in regular farm clearing and rented farm. Cocoa rehabilitation decision was influenced by climate change adaptation indicator, monthly income, perception of extreme temperature and sharecropping. The implications of the results were that promotion of climate change perception would facilitate adaptation, and the form of cocoa farmland ownership as well as climate change adaptation indicator influenced farmers’ involvement in cocoa farm rehabilitation.

March 2021 Archives / News

Posted March 21, 2021
Covid-19: ISD intensifies education in Ahafo Ano North Municipality

The Municipal Office of the Information Services Department (ISD) in the Ahafo Ano North Municipal in the Ashanti Region has intensified the education on the fight of the coronavirus pandemic in the country. Though, the Municipality is not part of the 49 recorded cases in the region currently, the ISD is leaving no stone unturned as it has reached out to over 200 communities making up the municipality. Adopting all the communication channels such the use of improvised information van by the Assembly, FM station, community information centres and, meeting smaller groups, the ISD has communicated the message of the precautionary measures and the symptoms of coronavirus to the general populace.
Among the general message on the observation of the health protocols such as washing and sanitizing of hands, social distancing, coughing and sneezing into the elbow and staying at home, the ISD has also included the daily update on the Ghana Health Services Website to caution the public about the reality of the pandemic. With the help of the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly, the Ministry of Information, the office of the honourable Member of Parliament, the ISD has visited at least three times every community within the municipality in a six weeks educational campaign.
According to the Municipal Information Officer (MIO) Mr Kofi Offen, there were initial challenges about lack of information on the pandemic in the communities but towards the close of the six weeks campaign, the public now understands and have appreciated the existence of the disease and how close it is to them, ‘the people now are very much conscious about the symptoms of the disease and also about the health protocols to stay safe’ he said. The team, the MIO continuous, has provided the public about all the emergency contact lines both within the municipality and the national 211 and 311 where they can lodge complain and make enquires.
In a related development, both the Municipal Assembly and the Tepa Traditional Council has ban the Thursday market day at Tepa. This according to the Municipal Chief Executive Martina Appiah Nyantekyie are part of measures to ensure that the Municipality do not record any case of covid-19. Again both the Assembly and the MP honourable Sanid Adamu Suleman have made various donations in the fight against the pandemic. Earlier, the Municipal Health Directorate reported of two suspected cases at Tepa. Samples of these individuals were taken and tested at the Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research (KCCR) and the result came out negative.

February 2021 Archives / News

Posted February 16, 2021
Covid-19: Ahafo Ano North MP donates to constituents

The Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ahafo Ano North Constituency in the Ashanti Region Sanid Adamu Suleman has donated assorted items to contribute to the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic in the Ahafo Ano North constituency.
Speaking to the media after the donations, the MP mentioned that, it is imperative for him to support his constituents to prevent the spread of the virus than to wait for the virus to register its presence in the Constituency. The items which include Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Tepa Government Hospital, over 4500 hand sanitizers and 20 veronica buckets to the constituents. The 300ml hand sanitizers were distributed to some shop keepers, traders and people across the constituency. The 20 veronica buckets were shared across the markets in the constituency.
Although, there hasn’t been any recorded case in the constituency, hon. Sule is keen in ensuring that none of his constituency contract the virus. As part of the measures to sustain the current covid-19 status, the MP last week resourced the Municipal Information Services Department (ISD) to embark on educational campaign to educate the constituency about the realities of the virus. The ISD has since completed that exercise.
During the distribution, the MP and his team took turn to educate the public about the covid-19 and urged the public to adhere to the precautionary measures as prescribed by the Health Service and the Ministry of Health. In all, the MP and his team interacted with over 5000 persons during the exercise. Meanwhile, the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly, the MP and the Police, have raised a task force to ensure compliance to the presidential directives on social distancing, ban on gathering and such others as prescribed in the Imposition of restrictions Act 2020 for the safety of the individuals in the Municipality. This came as a result of some rumours which were rife in the municipality over organization of some sporting events within the municipality during the Easter period.

January 2021 Archives / News

Posted January 21, 2021
COVID-19: AANMA distribute over 6000 face masks

The Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly (AANMA) of the Ashanti region has distributed over 6000 face masks to cooperate institutions and the general public in the Municipality as part of efforts to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.
Led by the MCE Martina Appiah Nyantekyie, the team mostly made up of staff of the Assembly has reached out to every trader and staff of corporate bodies within the municipality.
Distributing the face masks, the team also took turns to remind the public about the reality of the pandemic and the need to follow all the safety protocols as prescribed by the Ghana Health Service.
During the exercise, it was observed that people were not adhering to the social distancing measures as it was business as usual especially for traders and some patrons of the Tepa market. Also, the veronica buckets donated by the Assembly at some vantage points in the market was empty; but for some shops that have them at their entry points, one could have concluded that hand washing protocols was also not observed in the market. This situation forced the team to threaten the traders of a total lockdown of the market. The next place the team visited was the Tepa main lorry station, here the team interacted with the leadership of the various transport unions and cautioned them of the need to remain safe under this pandemic. Here, face masks were distributed to everyone present as well as passengers at the station.
The team finally ended at the premises of the Assembly where donations of face masks, hand sanitizers, gun thermometers, veronica buckets and waste bins were made to Departments, Agencies and other cooperate bodies in the Municipality.
In an interview with the Information Services Department (ISD), the MCE disclosed that the Assembly will continue with the exercise throughout the Municipality and it aims of distributing over 12000 face masks, hand sanitizers and some 200 veronica baskets and waste bins.
In a related development, the Municipality last week recorded its first case of covid-19. The case according to the Municipal Health Directorate involved a pregnant woman who had visited the Municipality from Accra. It continues that, the woman got ill upon arrival and visited the Manfo CHPS compound, with a high temperature and other symptoms of covid-19, the nurses informed the Health Directorate and arrangements were made for her referral to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi where her samples sent to KCCR confirmed positive. Her pregnancy was terminated by the hospital and is currently on admission responding to treatment where contact tracing is ongoing at the municipality.

Posted January 1, 2021
Ahafo Ano North Steps Up Covid-19 Campaign

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly in the Ashanti Region, Martina Appiah Nyantekyie, has, as part of measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, led a team to educate market women on some preventive measures. The team comprising health professionals and members of the assembly visited the Tepa Market last Thursday. The team, among other things, cautioned both market women and traders to practise basic hygiene and ensure healthy lifestyles. Among the basic hygiene practices the team taught was handwashing and the MCE personally, through a demonstration, taught the people how to effectively wash the hand. The MCE used the occasion to donate some Veronica buckets to the market and urged both traders and patrons to put them to good use. The Municipal Health Director, Joseph Adomako, who was part of the team, admonished them to observe all the precautions prescribed by the Ghana Health Service. Throwing light on social distancing, the Health Director said it had been proven to be one of the major means of fighting the pandemic and advised that the public should desist from not so important travels and avoid handshaking. Besides, Mr. Adomako used the occasion to advise the public to adopt both coughing and sneezing on the elbow as part of their culture and also use hand sanitizer. In all, the team was able to interact with at least 1,000 people on the market day which attracted traders from neighbouring Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.