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Posted on December 19,2023

I deem it a distinct honour and privilege to welcome you to the sod-cutting ceremony for Project 1: Low Voltage Electricity connection to Kwame Awuah, Addai Amankwa and Maabang Areas and Tepa Street Lighting in Tepa and Project 2: Low Voltage Electricity Connection to Beposo Local and Beposo Extension Areas in Tepa Municipality. It would be recalled that in 2022, the Municipality was privileged to be rolled onto the list of municipalities benefitting from the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme, which provides a facility towards the effective management of areas and in the management of challenges associated with urban development. The manifestation of the tangible benefit to the outcome of this facility is what we are witnessing today, which an investment grant dedicated to power extension under the UDG 3.

The completion period for the projects which is expected to last for 4 months is to be undertaken by Messrs Prefos Company Limited and Messrs Premier Source Ltd that have carved out a niche for themselves in the areas of electrification and other related aspects of the contract for the project. It is my hope that the contractors will take immediate steps after today’s event, will take the necessary steps after site possession to mobilise the site and commence work after the ceremony. Accordingly, the design and supervision consultant for the project, Messrs Optimum Shelter are entreated to offer the contractors the necessary guidance and technical supervision to ensure that the scope of work is met and the expected deliverables achieved in line with the set standards given by the World Bank. Similarly, I wish to entreat the Focal Person for the programme and the Works Department of the Assembly are to show keen interest complementing the efforts of the Consultant to ensure that the specifications and scope of the Work are met, because as clients of the project, our stake is high and cannot be compromised.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my fervent expectation that with the completion of the project, the quality of power supply, vis a vis, scope of coverage, reliability and dependability will be met thus opening most of the areas that were left unlit and also expand the frontiers of access to electricity which is a critical factor of development in all facets of human life. I wish to assure the contractors and consultants for the projects of my unflinching support and cooperation to ensure very smooth implementation and successful completion of the 2 projects being undertaken under UDG 3.

Posted on December 1st,2023
Ahafo Ano North Municipal celebrate farmers day at Manfo

The Ahafo Ano North Municipal celebration of the 39th annual national farmers’ day has been held at Manfo. The event that attracted people from all walks of lives saw 17 farmers rewarded by the municipal Assembly for their hard work and success. Speaking at the event, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) honourable Martina Appiah Nyantakyi congratulated farmers all over the country and the Municipality for their resilience in feeding the nation.

The MCE reiterated government commitments towards agriculture by enumerating policies such as planting for food and jobs, rearing for food and jobs, free cocoa spraying exercise among others as such initiatives aim at boosting food production in the country. All the 17 awardees received various prizes with the overall best farmer a 54 year old madam Afia Nyamekye receiving a tricycle in addition.

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Posted on November 28,2023

The Ahafo Ano North District Assembly had its last General Assembly meeting at the Municipal Assembly Hall in November 2023, a momentous occasion for local governance. The Assembly Members convened for a crucial session to conclude their tenure, which was chaired by Mr. Ernest Yamson, the Presiding Member. The meeting was especially significant since it came right before the District Level Elections that were set for December 2023. This added a sense of excitement and provided an opportunity to consider the successes and difficulties that the assembly had to deal with throughout its tenure.

There were 52 assembly members present for this final meeting, consisting of 35 elected officials and 17 appointees. The eclectic group, which included representatives from a range of appointed positions and constituencies, held discussions that summed up their shared obligations to the Ahafo Ano North community. The district was getting ready for the next elections, and this final assembly gathering provided a forum for going over the accomplishments of the municipality, resolving unresolved concerns, and laying the groundwork for a smooth transition.

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Posted on October 23,2023

Hon Joseph Boahen Aidoo. Today, we gather here under the shared interest of recognizing the invaluable contributions of our dear cocoa farmers to our nation’s development.

I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to the Almighty for enabling us to gather here today. To our esteemed guests, your presence here today is a testament to the importance of our cocoa industry and the tireless efforts of our dedicated cocoa farmers. We are honored to have you here with us as we discuss and showcase the achievements and aspirations of our cocoa community.

Ladies and gentlemen, just a few weeks ago, we were privileged to receive His Excellency, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, in our beloved Ahafo Ano North Municipality to open the 2023/2024 cocoa season. This historic visit reaffirmed the President's commitment to the development of our region and the cocoa industry, which is the backbone of our local economy. The President's presence in our midst was a testament to his unwavering dedication to improving the lives of our cocoa farmers and ensuring the sustainable growth of our cocoa sector. This time of year, is particularly meaningful to us because it represents the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and meticulous care provided by our cocoa farmers. Our high-quality cocoa beans are a source of pride for our municipality and the country as a whole. The cocoa harvest is more than just a time for us to come together as a community and celebrate the fruits of our labour.

It is with a heavy heart that I address you today to highlight a concerning issue - the lack of progress in the construction of cocoa roads within our municipality. These roads play a pivotal role in the transportation of cocoa beans from farms to market centers and processing plants. They are the lifeblood of our cocoa industry, enhancing its efficiency and profitability. Today, I stand before you to earnestly appeal to the government and COCOBOD to prioritize and invest in this crucial infrastructure. Our hardworking cocoa farmers rely on these roads for their livelihoods. By improving and maintaining this critical part of our cocoa industry, we not only support our farmers but also bolster the overall health of our local economy.

As we move forward, we must remain committed to the sustainable development of our cocoa sector. This includes investing in the education and training of our farmers, promoting sustainable farming practices, and ensuring fair and equitable compensation for their labor. We also look forward to continued collaboration with COCOBOD and other stakeholders to further improve the livelihoods of our cocoa farmers and strengthen our cocoa industry. In conclusion, Let us continue to collaborate as a community to ensure the prosperity and sustainability of our beloved cocoa industry. Together, we can reach new heights and ensure a brighter future for our cocoa farmers and municipality.

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Posted on September 09,2023

On Saturday, 9th September 2023, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo (The President of Ghana) announced a new producer price of cocoa for cocoa farmers, at an event at Tepa, in the Ashanti Region. The international market is beginning to pick up, and Government, in keeping with our promise to our gallant cocoa farmers, has, today, increased cocoa prices from twelve thousand, eight hundred cedis (GH¢12,800) per ton, to twenty thousand, nine hundred and forty-three cedis (GH¢20,943) per ton, or one thousand, three hundred and eight cedis (GH¢1,308) per bag. That price is seventy-point-five percent (70.5%) of the Gross FoB price, and is equivalent to one thousand, eight hundred and twenty-one dollars ($1,821) per ton. It is the highest price to be paid to cocoa farmers across West Africa in some fifty (50) years. With the predicted stable prices above two thousand, six hundred United States dollars (US$2,600) threshold, Government will continue to honour our famers with good prices in the years ahead. Indeed, better days are ahead.

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Posted on AUGUST 03,2023

In fulfilment of Section 40 of the Local Government Act, 2016 (Act 936), the Municipal Chief Executive and her team tour some communities namely Anyinasuso,Mabang,Manfo,Subriso, Keniago etc and also interact with the people in the Municipality. The visit was also to make the MCE acquaint herself with the development challenges confronting the various communities and to enable her fashion out strategies to address them. It was against these objectives that the Municipal Chief Executive of Ahafo Ano North Municipal undertook the visit to selected communities.

Address by the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE)

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Martina Appiah Nyantakyi cordially welcomed the chiefs and elders as well as the entire people of to the meeting. She went further to explain to the Chiefs and people who gathered the purpose of the engagement. The MCE clearly started that, the engagement is geared towards educating the community members of some government initiatives or projects and also take the views of participants.

He ended his address by thanking the Chiefs, Hon. Assembly Members and community members for the warm welcome and urge everyone to take these policies very serious and also encourage the people to always come to the Assembly for enquiries when they do not understand something. She also urged parents to send their wards to school so that, they can also benefit from the Free Senior High Policy. She also noted that challenges as indicated to her by Nananom confronting the communities will be taken seriously for it to be addressed.

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Posted on JULY 28,2023

The Municipal Chief Executive for Ahafo Ano North Municipality has appeal to stake holders in the Municipality to address the issue of climate change and find its sustainable solutions. Mrs Martina Appiah - Nyantakyi made this appeal when she was addressing stake holders at a one day sensitization workshop of actors on climate change issues in the Ahafo Ano North Municipality at the Municipal assembly hall. Mrs Appiah -Nyantakyi in her welcome address express her profound gratitude to all actors and individuals who have graciously chosen to be part of the event. Been part of this event demonstrate commitment and concerns for our environment and the well bein of the future generations, she said. Mrs Appiah -Nyantakyi lamented that climate change is a global challenge that knows no boundaries, it affects us all regardless of our background, professions, or geographic location. The consequences of climate change from rising temperature to extreme weather events, threaten the delicate balance of our ecosystem endangering biodiversity and human livelihoods. She therefore see it to be imperative we come together as actors in this fight to address climate change and find sustainable solutions. She stated emphatically that, the workshop designed to sensitized and empower actors, equipping them with the knowledge and tools needed to take effective action. She promise that the assembly will delve into the intricacies of climate change, explore it's causes, impacts and potential solutions through engaging discussions, experts presentations and interactive sessions in order to deepen the understanding of this complex issue and inspire collective action. The sensitization workshop was facilitated by experts who are the forefront of combating climate change. Dr, Jackson Adiyiah Nyantakyi an environmental chemist who led the team took the stake holders through the meaning, causes, effects of climate change. Its impact and how it can be prevented. Among the team were Dr, Jackson Adiyiah Nyantakyi ( PhD ) Winifred Nyarko Boateng Dziebu E Y Wisdom.

Posted on JULY 11,2023

The Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly in conjunction with the Municipal Health Directorate on behalf of the President of the Republic, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo organized a gathering on Tuesday, 11th July, 2023 to recognize and honor the exemplary efforts and unwavering dedication of our esteemed health officers during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. The ceremony, held at Municipal Assembly Hall, was organized to present the Presidential Honour for Distinguished Service to these exceptional individuals who demonstrated extraordinary commitment in protecting and serving our community.

The highlight of the ceremony was the presentation of the Presidential Honour for Distinguished Service. Hon Martina Appiah Nyantakyi presented the certificates to the deserving Fifty-Four (54) recipients. Each awardee was recognized for their exceptional contributions, bravery, and unwavering commitment to public health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. William Boakye, the Ag. Municipal Health Director, shared some brief remarks, expressing pride in the achievements of the health officers. He acknowledged their relentless efforts, hard work, and sacrifices in protecting the health and well-being of the municipality's residents. Mr. Boakye also highlighted the importance of continuing to prioritize public health and encouraged everyone to support and appreciate the remarkable work of the health officers.

The ceremony concluded on a high note, leaving the attendees inspired and filled with a renewed appreciation for the selfless dedication of our health officers. The Municipality of Ahafo Ano North remains immensely proud of the remarkable individuals who have gone above and beyond their duties to protect and serve the community during these challenging times. .

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Posted on JUNE 19,2023

Rice is one of the most important food crops in west Africa, particularly in Ghana. However, production is insufficient to meet growing national demand, resulting in increased dependency on imports. About 60% of the rice consumed in Ghana is imported which amounts to $391 million per a year. This significantly increases Ghana's vulnerability to potential external shocks. One way to reverse this import dependency is to improve the local rice sector. In sub Saharan Africa, some local value chains are upgrading through technical and organisational changes led by millers and wholesalers. Such transformation are characterized by investors in upgraded milling and storing technologies, and by improving the supply system through agreement between producers and buyers. This will enable the economies of scale, improvement of product quality and better competitiveness of domestic rice sector. The Ashanti Regional minister, honourable Simon Osei Mensah has been very instrumental in championing the course of improving the increase in the rice production in the Region. On the 19th of June 2023, the Ashanti Regional minister led a delegation from china to Tepa traditional council to access valleys and swamps land in Maabang Kwasuoagya and Tepa Odikronkwanta to plant their machine for commencement of rice factory in the Municipality. The Regional minister introducing the Chinese chamber of commence investors to the paramount chief of Tepa traditional council, Nana Adusei Atwerewaa Ampem 1, he stated that improving rice production within the region has been his priority. Upon series of delibrations with foreign investors, these three china rice investors has agreed to invest in the region. Mr Simon Osei Mensah lamented that, he was therefore directed by the paramount chief of the Asante kingdom, Otumfour Osei Tutu ll, to Tepa since there are valleys and swamps land which has already been earmarked by the late Nana Antwi Darko Montwie, then the paramount chief of Maabang Traditional council purposely for such projects. Nana Adusei Atwerewaa Ampem 1, in his welcome address congratulated the Regional minister and thanked Otumfour for choosing Tepa Municipality for such a such projects. The Chinese rice investors were very happy and promise to start the project very soon. Among the entourage of the Minister were, the regional economic planning officer, the regional coordinating director, the regional director of Agric and his personal assistant.

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Posted on MAY 24,2023

As part of measures put in place to ensure good health to the people of Ahafo Ano North Municipality, the Municipal directorate in collaboration with the Akwasiase health center has organized a day free health screening to the staff of the Municipal assembly. The screening was focus on eye and non communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes etc. Speaking with Mrs Lilly Boakye, a physician assistant ( P A ) at Akwasiase health center, she said the program is been led by the Municipal health director Mr Boakye William. She further stated that, the health workers check your blood pressure (BP), use urine stripe to check for glucose and protein in your urine. If the results proves positive of the above sample taken, the person is therefore referred to the government hospital for treatment. Mrs Lilly Boakye further stated that, this exercise is organized by Ghana Health Service to ensure good health to the citizenry, so the Municipal health directorate started this exercise from the traditional council which was organized at the paramount chief's palace, the Municipal immigration training school which was organized at the training center and it is now the turn of the staff of the Municipal assembly. She entreat all staff to participate in this exercise to check their health status since a sound mind lives in a sound body.

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Posted on April 8th,2023

The Municipal Chief Executive for the Ahafo Ano North Municipality, Hon Martina Appiah Nyantakyi has appealed to a seven member Child Panel Committee during its inaugural ceremony held at the Municipal Assembly. She lamented on the severe menace of child abuse, children of school going ages’ involvement in social vices, the child’s denial to educational right and poor parental control which mostly causes an infringement on the right of the child, and so registered her gratitude and pleasure that such a committee is to be inaugurated to help curb the menace of this social canker. Mrs Martina Appiah-Nyantakyi, in her address, tasked the committee to take up a good role to enhance the implementation of the child care policy. In this regard, she enlightened the committee on the Childrens’ Act 1998, Act 560 and the Child Protection and Welfare Policy-2014 as well as other constitutional provisions that backs the committee in its operation to help protect the right of the child. She added that, understanding the religious orientation of the child and involving the child’s immediate religious leaders in some matters is a good measure to help take decisions on abuses and infringements in relation to the child. The MCE, Mrs Martina Appiah thereafter, led the seven member Child Panel Committee to swear and official oath and an oath of secrecy to officially commence their mandate in the drive to protect the right of the child. She concluded by pledging the Assembly’s full support to the committee in its operation in terms of finance, logistics and advice.

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Posted on March 7th,2023

The Municipal Chief Executive for Ahafo Ano North municipality has encourage the good people in the Municipality to rally behind the government of Ghana in it's quest to build a great and a prosperous country. It is imperative for us as a nation to appreciate the fact that globally, economies are experiencing recessions and Ghana is no exception. Mrs Martina Appiah - Nyantakyi assured the people of Ahafo Ano North that, the government of Ghana led by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo is working tirelessly to ensure that our economy is stabilized. The MCE made this emphatic statement when she was addressing the people and students in the Municipality during the national independence day celebration. On 6th March 1957, Ghana gained independence after 83 years of British Colonial rule, becoming the first sub - Sahara African country to achieve independence from Britain. Ahafo Ano North also celebrated the event to commemorates the blood and toil of our fore fathers who fought for freedom from Britain. Touching on the economic challenges Ghanaian are going through presently, The event which attracted more than 1,000 people from across the Municipality including the Director General for the National Disaster Management Organization ( NADMO ), hon Eric Nana Agyemang Prempeh, heads of departments, the clergy, the Muslim community and other dignitaries in the Municipality in which The Municipal parade was hosted at Agyemang Prempeh sports stadium. A total of 3 cadet corps from the various Senior and junior high schools and 1 brigade from the Methodist school were present and 28 contingents from various schools were on parade aside from other performances. .

February 2023 Archives / News

Posted on February 16th,2023

The government of Ghana with UNICEF support developed an inter-sectoral standard operating procedure for child protection and family welfare (ISSOP) provides a harmonized frame work of agreed standards, principles and procedures for all child protection and family welfare stake holders mutually accountable to each other and the beneficiaries they serve. It identifies specific procedures to the use of forms, tools and guides by the social services and other key stake holders. The guides, tools and forms of this ISSOP been designed to improve the quality of social services. For that matter, the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly on Thursday 16th February 2023 organized a day orientation on the above program to its stake holders as to how they can involve themselves in child protection and management of family welfare at the Tepa municipal Assembly hall. The orientation which was facilitated by Mr Abdul Hussein A. Rasheed, the Municipal co-ordinating Director was attended by some heads of department of the Assembly, all the security agencies, Non governmental organizations ( NGO'S ), the Ghana Education Service, the Domestic Violence and Victim support Unit ( DOVVSU ) representatives from King Jesus Orphanage at Tepa, the clergy, some Assembly members and zongo communities represented by the chief imam. Mr Rasheed in his submission stated that, the orientation will reveal the role of the key stake holders in protecting the right of every Ghanaian child. He highlighted on the legal and policy frame work underpinning child protection and family welfare. The basic challenges confronting stakes holders in championing their course. Categorization of child protection and family welfare. Key stake holders and their roles in protecting the right of the child Responsibilities of some key stake holders Core guiding principles governing child protection, family and justice service case management ( DO NO HARM ) He concluded his submission by saying, stake holders must endeavor to be guided and understand the child safeguarding policies to stake holder offices, procedures and practices. Questions, suggestions and recommendations by the participants were addressed by the facilitator and the Municipal director of the department of social welfare Mr Jerry kofi Hagan.

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Posted on January 16th,2023

A Fix Assets Register is a catalog of a business's fixed assets, carrying details like their purchase price, depreciation values and current location to document the course of their useful life accurately. It helps a business maximize the utility of it's fixed such as machinery, building, vehicle and as part of Government of Ghana measures to declare it's fixed assets towards the attainment of International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) bailout, ministry of finance ( MOF ) in collaboration with the Controller and Accountants Generals Department ( CAGD ) to organized a day workshop across the country. On Monday 16th January 2023, a team from the above mentioned institutions, with the support of the Ahafo Ano North Municipal Assembly organized a workshop for three districts which includes: Ahafo Ano South East - Mankranso Ahafo Ano South West - Adugyama and Ahafo Ano North - Tepa about the fixed assets register which was held at Tepa Assembly hall. The Municipal Chief Executive, Mrs Martina Appiah - Nyantakyi in her welcome remarks said, the Fix Assets Register is an important policy documents that serve as a medium tool that embrace detail place of all fixed assets that are own by public entities. It main purpose is to enable current entities to accurately record and maintain both physical and non physical inspection pertaining to each assets and to easily identify and verify. I am hopeful that this training program would yield the anticipated results. The team from both MOF and CAGD includes:

Nana Yaw Osei Ministry of Finance

Mrs Patience Mensah of Controller and Accountants Generals Department

Sandra Dzeketey of Ministry of Finance

Posted on January 19,2023

      The Ashanti Regional Minister, Mr Simon Osei Mensah has inspected some completed and ongoing projects in the Municipality. The inspection tour of the minister is inline with the mandate of the office of the Ashanti Regional co-ordinating council to co-ordinate and evaluate the activities, programs and plans of the Metropolitan, Municipal, District Assembly, government departments and agencies. The Regional Minister's inspection tour took him to the jubilee market at Tepa where he inspected a two hundred store room which includes a health facility.

      He first paid a courtesy visit to the paramount chief of Tepa Traditional council, Nana Adusei Atwenewaa Ampem I.Nana Adusei received and welcome him and his team into the Municipality at the palace hall. He thanked the hon.minister and encourage him to continue to remain humble, hard work to serve the good people in the Region and the country at large. The Municipal Chief Executive, Mrs Martina Appiah - Nyantakyi and the Municipal co-ordinating Director, Mr Abdul Rashid Hussein and the entire staff of the Municipal Assembly gaily received the minister and his team at the Municipal Assembly hall.

      Hon. Martina humbly requested that, Mr Simon Osei Mensah should use his office as Regional Minister to facilitate the establishment of the transport Department which without doubt is the appropriate department positioned to leverage on the economic activities as well as maximize the enormous benefits from the transport related activities in the Municipality. In concluding her remarks, she thanked the minister and his entourage for the visit to the Municipality, she therefore appreciated the heads of the security agencies, heads of department, the presiding member and the staff of the Assembly who made it a point to be part of the meeting.

      The Hon. Minister commended the staff and encourage them to remain focus in their day to day activities to develop the Municipal. He therefore charge the Municipal fire commander and the National Commission for Civic Education ( NCCE ) to intensify it's public education on fire out break pertaining to this dry season. He continued to inspect the Assembly's audit block which is ongoing and expansion of the Municipal Assembly block which is also ongoing.